SIJS Jade Ruby Cuff Earrings Set

SIJS Jade Ruby Duality Earrings

SIJS duality earrings set with ruby and jadeite jade in 18k.

The unheated rubies are uncommon sugarloaf cabochons, weighing 8.55ctw. The jade was cut and polished to match the rubies.

This is a commission piece.

These earrings are a little contraption of utility and festivity.

Jade and ruby are splendid together. We wanted pair of earrings that put equal focus on each, not forgetting this set should look good with its sister cuff.

We devised a unique way to achieve duality, keeping in mind the beauty of the stones lies in its shape as much as its colour. We wanted luxe that could be regular use.

In this one pair of earrings, you can:

– wear the rubies at the front,

– so the back looks good too when your hair is up,

– and vice versa; or

– wear the stones long and straight,

– so the length show up as if long dangle earrings.

Now of course you can always wear one side long and the other short, or one side ruby and the other jade.

For after all, duality is actually more than two simple sides.

These earrings are wholly hand-built. The opening-closing contraption is unique, and so are the festive ways of wearing.

Art that is borne out of need and whim goes happy places!

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