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SIJS Les Enfants Terribles, Half Hoop Gemstone Ring, Tall

18k half hoop ring set with a bevy of gemstones we won’t list but to its owner.

As with all the stones we work with, the gemstones are natural.

This half hoop ring is one ‘half‘ of two rings, but each ring is sold separately.

Its design is inspired by 17th century rings.

Contrary to modern techniques, the more precious the gemstones, the lesser the desire to ‘seal off light’ from the stones. We constructed Les Enfants Terribles to live outside the rules of society. The stones are set closed-back, but look at their colours. Nothing is random; each colour contests the other. We threw the colour chart out.

This ring is the ‘Tall’ version where the stones are laid out with the middle stone tallest. While there are many multi gemstone rings, there’s nothing like stones whose colours you cannot quite remember.

The form of the ring is the secret. The mismatched sizes (both stone and setting) and off-kilter colours – let’s look at balance in a new way.

Nature’s teeth mold set in gold. The back of these 17th century inspired rings is an art itself – it is true art to conceal art.

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