22k Medieval Ruby Diamond Choker Necklace

SIJS shortish ‘choker’ necklace set with a natural ruby, fancy yellow diamonds and mine cut diamonds in 22k.

Inspired by Hellenistic jewellery, this Greco-Roman revival necklace uses both actual Roman artefacts (1500 years) and modern craftsmanship to produce what you see.

The ruby is neither a typical faceted ruby nor a plain ruby cabochon. Its particular inclusions allow the eyes to gather the universe in a dollop.

The ruby weighs 9.43ct. The fancy yellow diamonds weigh 2.46ctw. The mine cut diamonds weigh 1.28ctw. Total diamond weight is 3.74ctw.

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GIA report number 1307297087.

Gem Report

9.43ct ruby cabochon heated gia

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