SIJS Modernist Nut Earrings

18k solid gold hoop earrings created to pay tribute to classical jewellery.

This pair intends to catch attention. It is not big; it is not small. The phoenix rising is a powerful image. To make it wearable as a personal ornament (rather than an accessory), we turn the earrings visible by profile only.

From the front, a diamond catches the light onto gold and no more.

Earrings are seldom designed to be oblique, yet the oval shape makes for an interesting hoop. When done well, the oblique form will still hug the earlobe and extend the length for flair.

The phoenix is designed to cup the lobes nicely. A classical and tribal touch, there is gentle movement from the little hoops on each earring.

These earrings are inspired by an old pair, with modern emphasis on form and function, and a twist in the visibility axis.

This pair is a shortish length of 2.8cm; its shape will flatter both long or round faces.

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SIJS Modernist Nut Earrings

18k solid gold turquoise earrings created to pay tribute to modernist and perhaps slightly surreal art.

A small pair, at 2cm tallest, the ‘nuts’ are actually an uncommon turquoise that we cut from a raw. The turquoise is a ravishing green blue colour, completely natural with markings like bits of the universe afloat.

The turquoise is designed to hint at a woodland nut or forest fruit, not exactly an acorn or olive, where you must feel it to ‘smell’ it.

It gets more surreal when you put it on. The nuts sit just before the earlobes, it touches but gives the feeling of being afloat. Both front and profile views show the nuts fully in a three-dimensional way – nothing is flat.

This surreal pair works because it is not big. It is noticeable because of its colour and the way it floats, but the nuts are in reality only 1cm. We’ve designed the pair to be surreal and all, but only as tall as your lobes.

A smooth line flows at the back of the ears, nothing more.

Earrings are seldom designed this way, but it is a gentle ruffle quite like the modernist intrusion into art’s well-behaved form.

There is no movement from the earrings, and this owing to our modernist ideal and slight Dada whim.

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