SIJS Sapphire Diamond Pendulum Necklace, Lock & Key

Platinum pendulum necklace set with a 16.03ct unheated color change sapphire, 6 fancy yellow diamonds and 2 mine cut diamonds.

Details of the 16.03ct unheated color change sapphire here.

This is a dark but vivid sapphire, its natural color change is on a spectrum of blue to purple, but it is never wholly purple or blue. Rather it depends on which angle you are looking at the stone from, and under what kinds of light.

It is this liveliness that makes the stone work in a ‘pendulum’ necklace, called so partly from being suspended on a chain that loves movement, and partly because the mystery of life undulates under lock and key.

The chain is detailed with a bar and chain at every section between 8 diamonds, all which are held together by the generous sapphire. Balance of the necklace is not from the equal number of stones on each side but by a simple solid curve in the way the sapphire is held. It looks like a little carry handbag.

The blue-purplish sapphire is set with 6 yellow diamonds and only 2 white mine cut diamonds. This color palette is very deliberate. A dark main stone with white diamonds is predictable, somewhat reductive of such a grand stone. The use of both silver (platinum) and gold (18k yellow gold) gives the necklace its relaxed luxury over typical/restrictive bling statement necklaces.

This necklace will be just as at home on a shirt as it would be on the red carpet.

We achieved this organic identity using historical stone setting techniques. All diamonds are set closed back for two reasons.

First to embody the fancy shaped diamonds with a form that is ’rounded’, and even held by thickset prongs, so each diamond is a very charm on its own. In this way each diamond appears more substantial than its <1 or >1 carat size.

Second, the embodied diamonds now have a fuller body to sit further away from the skin. In this way all stones in this necklace ‘roll’ afloat (rather than sit flat). Luxury necklaces often feel heavyset when gems are not considerably lifted.

The sapphire is a deep stone that we preserved so that you can still look into it – this is meaningful for a big, rare stone (spans approx. 15mm all around). The mysterious beauty is set open backed in a similar individualistic way, like a big charm locket.

6 fancy yellow diamonds weigh 5.23ctw. 2 mine cut diamonds weigh 1.87ctw. A miscellany of smaller diamonds (surrounding lock and key) weigh 1.19ctw.

Total diamond weight of the necklace is 8.29ctw.

Still pending, an engraving awaits to be inscribed at the lock and key, possibly a hanging ‘card’. A message, or a clue, who knows?

In time, matching earrings will complete this set.

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