SIJS Star Sapphire Line Drop Earrings

SIJS custom drop earrings set with natural star sapphires, sapphire cabochons, and accented with diamonds in 18k.

Aside from selecting quality gems, the two star sapphire cabochons are neither matched in color nor size. We instigated this asymmetry further by setting each ‘line’ to be distinct, one side using rose cut diamonds and the other baguette diamonds.

The smaller deep blue sapphires are contrasted in yellow gold, set with a breather in the space around the dark, opaque stones, while the rest of the body set in white gold is harmonious with the ethereal translucence of the two star sapphires.

The two tone gold work in what is a minimally designed pair of earrings works as a silent success. Such design choices make a piece of jewelry graceful or not.

One star sapphire is bright violet (15.31ct), the other is pale blue grey (11.24ct). The color palette of blue, white and yellow in these earrings is as cool as the idea of a ‘line’ drop – may we point out all four sapphire cabs swing?

This small but important engineering feat matters to the flickering quality of the rays in the two star sapphires, where all four sapphires must be encouraged to ‘dance’ to achieve this.

It really is a magnificent pair, deceptively simple in design but carefully calibrated at every step.

Also a nod to modernist whim and of course, minimalist boundaries.

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