Victorian Snake Ring
Victorian Snake Ring
Victorian Snake Ring

Victorian Snake Ring, Opal Diamond

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9k rose gold Victorian snake ring set with an old cut diamond and one opal.

The rose gold in this ring manifests very well, displaying the light chasing on the heads and one visible tail distinctly.

The ring appears as ‘double-headed’ but is really two snakes coiled together, each snake having its own head and tail. One tail is revealed, the other tucked behind the ring. The two snakes extend into a double channel shank. The ring is unmarked but is likely to date between early to mid Victorian.

Throughout history, snake rings worn in different cultures expressed notions of power or ideals of love. Snake rings in antique English jewelry were often designed as memento or sentimental rings, with a lock of hair or garment, or as love ‘knot’ rings where two or sometimes three snakes intertwine in embrace.

We are especially fond of snake rings because the snake, never completely disassociated with the serpent, bellies, coils and uncoils itself though life. There is danger, there is grace; the challenge always desirable, the unattainable always memorable.

Victorian Snake Ring
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