vintage diamond cocktail ring
vintage diamond cocktail ring
vintage diamond cocktail ring

Rose Cut Diamond Cocktail Ring, Peranakan Jewellery

Big, big beauty.

Modern day Peranakans continue to do what past generations do. In this instance, they rework old jewellery by hoarding old diamonds and fashioning them into a much larger piece.

The old diamonds set in this ring are not easy to collect. If you examine old Peranakan rose cut diamonds they are seldom of this color and fire. The Peranakans then were less concerned with clarity so to collect these diamonds that are generally eye clean takes a lot of patience. It’s human longing here, not machined perfection.

This is a great example of how jewellery reworking was and continues to be an evergreen character of Peranakan jewellery art. It is likely these diamonds were collected over 50 years.

And now for the specs. The ‘cocktail’ ring is a cluster of 3.5 carats, the center diamond at approximately 1ct. A piece as this with all old, fiery white and big rose cut diamonds is a luxury.

Yet the sentiment of this ring is not so much glamorous but stylish. I didn’t think it would look nice until I put it on. I was surprised!

Have you recently seen a cocktail ring with only a few but all large diamonds?

There you go. What a weird ring! What a Peranakan ring! That, I thought, is the true allure.

Photos show the sparkle of this ring in bright and low light. You almost couldn’t tell, because the diamonds are ridiculously white.

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