vintage jade bangle
vintage jade bangle
jade gold bangle bracelet

Vintage Gold Jade Bangle, Petite

Vintage jade bangle hinged with 14k gold connectors.

The natural jadeite jade is a very pale green; its contrast with the gold is graceful and unforced. This is a well-loved design and there are as many modern reproductions as there are modern variations, but to find an original old piece is quite lucky.

Our piece is marked ‘HK’ for when Hong Kong exported these jewelry to the West, possibly during the earlier to middle part of this century. The bamboo etchings in the gold work are hand carved and so is the hallmark, carved deep into the gold hidden in the hinged connector.

It’s wonderful this piece will fit a petite wrist, finally. It’s even more wonderful the whitish jade-and-gold appears nothing short of modern.

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