Antique Jewellery Restoration – Art Deco Platinum Aquamarine Ring

Restoration - Art Deco Platinum Aquamarine Ring

This art deco platinum aquamarine ring has been passed down through 3 generations of March babies. Over time the aquamarine gem has chipped significantly on two of its corners. The chips are too big to be polished off without greatly diminishing the size of the gem.

The original prong setting is elegant and delicate, but does little to protect an already chipped stone. We thought that the best course of action here is to build a new frame to wrap and secure the gem. We hand cut milgrain details into the frame to match the overall style of the ring.

Here is the completed ring.

Restoration - Art Deco Platinum Aquamarine Ring

I am always astonished at how much a little bit of care can do for an old ring. Some work, some cleaning, some polishing, and we reveal a clean, sparkly, table cut intense blue Santa Maria aquamarine. You hardly notice the chips now, even though they’re still there.

1880 Victorian Etruscan Bracelet, Ram’s Head

This 18K gold Victorian Etruscan bracelet weighs in at a fairly hefty 17 grams. The body of the bracelet was hand forged by rolling a thin sheet of gold into tubes. These tubes had split and dented a little over the years.

The bracelet is beautiful and wearable as is, but a big part of our work revolves around making sure that a piece can go on well into the future. So we’re closing the splits and fixing the dents.

See the completed work here.

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1920s Filigree Diamond Ring

This is an 18K white gold 1920s filigree diamond ring mount. It looks quite worn, but it is a finely detailed ring made entirely by hand. Well worth restoring!

The bridges on both sides of the ring were broken after decades of wear. To guarantee a comfortable, solid fit for years to come, we used a thin piece of gold wire to restore the bridge.

We acquired a .63ct old brilliant cut diamond. We forged a new frame to mount the diamond onto the ring.

See the completed work here.

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