Unheated Blue Sapphire

A selection of certified unheated blue sapphires – cornflower blue sapphires, vivid blue sapphires, royal blue sapphires, pastel blue sapphires, blue sapphire platinum rings. These untreated blue sapphires are increasingly rare; find out more about these rare gemstones from this article (Heated Vs Unheated Sapphire) at Gem Gardener.

Unheated sapphire, rare gemstones, paraiba tourmaline, unheated tanzanite, and large gems. See gemstones differently. Bespoke jewelry design services.
Our selection is very precise, small but coveted.We are not gem dealers. What you see here is a selection of a selection of a selection!
We offer mostly unheated gems for sale. Many are at least 5 carat, meaning they are regarded as investment gems if they satisfy gemological criteria.
We consistently select our gemstones thinking, how will an imaginative mind set this into a memorable piece of jewellery? Before we include a stone for sale here, we always know how we’d like to set it.
We are an ideal choice if you are looking for an interesting stone, and a setting intuitive to that stone.
We curate only natural stones. Every design is built by hand.

Unheated natural blue sapphire, unheated blue sapphire, fancy colored sapphire, rubies, and large gems. See gemstones differently. Bespoke jewelry design services.

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26.7ct blue Ceylon sapphire cabochon with no thermal treatment.

This unheated sapphire measures a generous 19mm by 12.17mm by 10.93mm.

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10.8ct natural blue star sapphire with a bright blue color.

The rays are distinct, but better still is the blue has a very observable oceanic tone, caught in an almost all round cabochon.

6.88ct unheated blue sapphire showing chatoyancy.

This is a very rare stone because it displays chatoyancy in an atypical stone, the sapphire.

If you love blue sapphires and cat's eye gems, this is one stone encapsulating the two. Nature's work is so strange and splendid.

9.52ct natural unheated blue sapphire from Sri Lanka (Ceylon).

It is certified cornflower blue, though a little deeper and hence more vivid than typical cornflower blue sapphires, since its blue has a medium tone, but with a rich saturation.

15.28ct natural unheated blue sapphire from Sri Lanka.

Certified 'cornflower blue' by Lotus Gemology, the sapphire shows a distinct difference indoors and outdoors, one that we picked up only after paying undivided attention!

18.43ct natural unheated intense cornflower blue sapphire from Sri Lanka (Ceylon).

This sapphire is certified Intense Blue, a saturation of blue that is highly desirable in blue sapphires.

Rare high carat Kashmir sapphire.

At 17.52ct, this high lustre, bicolor blue sapphire is natural and unheated.

It is 'bicolor' in the sense there is a faint trace of yellow at the heart. All around the infamous blue persists, electric in daylight, dark Kashmir blue in low light.