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SIJS striking tri-gemstone ring set with coral, jade and diamonds in 22k.

This is a ring made to embody the nature of life. Breathing means inhaling all that life presents.

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Fine marquise platinum ring set with a rare unheated tanzanite weighing 2.85ct and accented with 1.5ctw diamonds.

This tanzanite exhibits a fancy color palette.

A rogue green in the violet blue that lets us appreciate a dispersion of colors.

24k solid gold ring inspired by the coil rings of the Malay Archipelago empire.

A ring like this was dated between the 9th to 11th AD, of course brittle and timeworn.

24k solid gold ring made in the tradition of Viking rings.

The gold body is formed from six rods of wire twisted into an expanding plaited band, the lower section forged into an orb.

Sometimes you figure out the plaits; sometimes you don't.

24k solid gold ring made in the tradition of Viking rings.

The twist and braid styles of rings were made very soulfully throughout Viking history. Some were Romanized, some became lost.

This is one such lost ring, circa 9th century AD, yet its lofty beauty should not be buried.

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SIJS 22k Roman style ring set with a 1.02ctct Burmese ruby and a 0.6ct mine cut diamond.

This ring was inspired by a piece at a museum. The original was a garnet ring, it had grown thin. We wanted a 'plusher' version.

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SIJS sapphire medieval style ring set with a 8.3ct blue green sapphire and two Burmese rubies weighing 0.86ctw.

This ring was inspired by a piece at a museum. Choosing a sapphire with minimal facets and good depth is paramount for this 'palatial' design.

SIJS solid 24k gold ring set with a 10.13ct Colombian emerald cabochon.

With a depth of 8mm, the emerald is high domed, a pleasure that built its own ring.

Burmese star ruby ring, 24k gold ring, Burmese ruby ring, twin peaks ring, ruby ring Singapore

SIJS avant garde solid 24k gold ring set with two natural Burmese rubies.

One ruby is a star ruby and the other is a bi-color ruby.

At 1 inch tall, this ring is not so much a ring as it is a finger ornament.

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