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A selection of platinum engagement rings. Art deco engagement rings, diamond platinum rings, unheated sapphire engagement rings, and more. No stress engagement ring shopping! Ships worldwide.
Shopping for an engagement ring should be a fun and memorable experience. Where you purchase the ring is as meaningful as the ring itself, because the journey is as important as the destination.
We are simultaneously funny and serious. Exactly the qualities you should be after when buying an engagement ring

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24k solid gold ring inspired by the coil rings of the Malay Archipelago empire.

A ring like this was dated between the 9th to 11th AD, of course brittle and timeworn.

We ...


18k gold or platinum eternity ring set with natural, unheated sapphires. The sapphires are set open backed. The inside of the ring as beautiful as the outside, like little columns in Greco-Roman architecture.


SIJS 18k gold twist ring created with two continuous channels that intertwine at the center. Its design is inspired by the traditional lovers' coil ring. There are no corners to this ring, only pathways.


18k twin wedding bands created in the spirit of early nineteenth century gimmel rings. Each ring opens up into two distinct bands which remain joined.


Solid gold or platinum ring created with the old beauty and ancient symbolism of the 'wheatsheaf' motif. The wheat sheaf signifies strength, because bound together the strands of wheat are strong, but singly, they will break and bend at the slightest touch.


Solid 18k two tone wedding rings with a matte (white) gold outlook and shiny (yellow) gold personality.

This is our first design for wedding bands.