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11.4ct natural cat's eye chrysoberyl displaying a sharp chatoyancy.

This is the smaller of the two cat's eye chrysoberyls we have listed. It is a translucent greenish yellow that is not ...


21.89ct natural cat's eye chrysoberyl with a superior 'Honey' color.

This high carat gem is exemplar of collector quality cat's eye.

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Natural 78.95ct aquamarine for collector and jeweller.

This has been tested to be unheated. Most aquamarines are heated for a deeper blue.


19.83ct natural cat's eye chrysoberyl with amazing transparency.

This cat's eye is uniformly transparent, with a fluid consistency that you can see all the way through.

This high carat gem is exemplar ...

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15ct paraiba tourmaline with brilliant clarity.

This Portuguese cut paraiba is greenish-blue with excellent fire. A high quality paraiba tourmaline must fulfil color and lustre criteria, but it is rare to find a perfect stone.

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Antique Chinese diamond bangle set in 24k, weighing 45.88g.

In terms of make, this is our finest Straits Chinese piece, possibly with 180 years of age. The bangle is set with 25 old mine cut diamonds at 8.5ctw to 9.5ctw, its biggest diamond about 1.5ct, and the next biggest 1ct.


9.52ct natural unheated blue sapphire from Sri Lanka (Ceylon).

It is certified cornflower blue, though a little deeper and hence more vivid than typical cornflower blue sapphires, since its blue has a medium tone, but with a rich saturation.

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A super size rubellite tourmaline at 78.53ct for your imagination.

This rubellite has a ruby like colour, an almost half-half mix of red and magenta. The stone is really the colour of dark red grapes, except vivid.

In terms of colour, I think the stone is intense and more red/purple than pink/purple.

Rubellite is the most prized and ...


15.28ct natural unheated blue sapphire from Sri Lanka.

Certified 'cornflower blue' by Lotus Gemology, this is a very special blue sapphire Mother Nature has created.

It shows a distinct difference indoors and outdoors, one that we picked up only after paying undivided attention!

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