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Jumbo unheated yellow sapphire weighing 42.76ct.

This Sri Lankan sapphire is a saturated lemon yellow, with relatively clean inclusions that do not pose jewellery setting problems.

21.79ct Colombian emeralds in a 10-piece lot.

These emeralds have minor or moderate oiling, with good color and lustre, and hence excellent fire.

The lot is considered clean for emeralds.

27.21ct lot of unheated rubies from Africa.

There are 23 pieces in this mixed cut lot, with mostly oval and cushion cuts.

These rubies are deep red with good fire, not pink, and very vivid.

A super size rubellite tourmaline at 78.53ct for your imagination.

This rubellite is so much like a Balas Ruby, or spinel, with its palette of red and magenta. The stone is precisely the color of dark red grapes, except vivid.

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Natural 78.95ct aquamarine for collector and jeweller.

This has been tested to be unheated. Many aquamarines are heated for a deeper blue.

26.7ct blue Ceylon sapphire cabochon with no thermal treatment.

This unheated sapphire measures a generous 19mm by 12.17mm by 10.93mm.

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10.8ct natural blue star sapphire with a bright blue color.

The rays are distinct, but better still is the blue has a very observable oceanic tone, caught in an almost all round cabochon.

15.25ct natural peach morganite measuring 14.4mm x 17.9mm x 9.89mm.

A soft coloured earth-mined gem, this is not pink but truly peach. It is not faint but truly pastel. If you look at enough morganites, you will know.

Rare heart cut natural alexandrite showing a good color change.

At 7.02ct, this wholly natural alexandrite displays a medium to strong color shift, depending on how vivid the incandescent lighting is.

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