Thanks for writing!

custom bespoke fine jewellery design

We appreciate the time you took to write us this message. We really do.

Which explains why we don’t usually get in contact until we have a length of time to compose a meaningful reply.

This is the reason why we do not list a phone number, and insist on proper written communication.

Please do give us up to 5 – 10 days to respond to you.

If you have written to us about a custom job, please allow us Even Longer. Thinking takes a long time in our crazy city lives.

If you have lost confidence by now, perhaps it would help to know that we read every single email almost immediately, and immediately begin to think. But we do not respond until we have considered a meaningful reply.

If you need to buy something quickly for an occasion, please visit our shopping website Gem Gardener.

Hwee Yee and Bridget