13ct Unheated Ceylon Blue Sapphire Cabochon


13.54ct unheated blue sapphire cabochon from Sri Lanka (Ceylon). This is a very clean unheated sapphire cabochon. This Ceylon sapphire is almost translucent, though it is not transparent like how a faceted gemstone displays.

The sapphire is a very bold blue, but because it is a high dome, the stone appears as if you can see all the way through, some parts deeper in hue and some parts lighter. Its oceanic quality is the uniqueness of this sapphire.

If you are a sapphire or stone lover, you will understand how infrequent these type of sapphires come up. This is valuable for being totally natural (unheated), its color vivid and offered at a high carat size. This is a good rock to have and keep.

So it is no surprise I love that this is NOT faceted and polished to a tall cabochon to enhance light play, which in turn lets me gaze within, and from all angles. The sapphire should be set in such a way to take advantage of its depth, so that it can display its oceanic quality fully. It would be hard for a faceted sapphire to ‘sample’ the sea as well as this cabochon, implying that the cabochon is not an inferior cut in this case.

The first two photos show how much deeper the blue appears away from direct light. When light is near, the blue takes on light play in a wonderful way. It is quite hard to photograph this sapphire to full effect, but if you have searched everywhere and for a long time, you’ll know what I mean 🙂

Verify the gem report at Lotus Gemology with the report number 9475-3757, and pin number 68502.

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13.54ct blue sapphire cabochon no heat lotus report

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