Rare RED Sapphire Unheated Loose Certified


9.24ct natural unheated red sapphire for sale.

This unusual sapphire first caught our eyes because we do not usually see sapphires of this color, a red sapphire, which might be a garnet’s color, or a spinel’s color.

The stone is certified as red, by Lotus Gemology, because it shows up as a wine red even in the lowest light, from strength to strength without losing its red.

In a room with only the warm light from a table lamp, the sapphire is never dark but red. Many rubies do not even achieve this ability to hold their red (ie. they just look dark).

In daylight you can see the purple in its red. Photos of the gem in the garden are completely unedited, taken in daylight.

The delightful trait in this sapphire is its vivid color, in or out of the light. This is suitable if you are looking for a sapphire or ruby, with a deep red tinged with pink and orange, but never dark.

Spanning 14.55mm by 12.36mm, this is an attractive size for a ring or pendant.

While it may not be a Ceylon sapphire, it is an interesting collector stone at a great size and still undervalued. Seasoned collectors look for this ‘undervalued’ quality – before a ‘regulated’ stone’s price becomes dictated by the market.

Lotus Gemology Report Number 1310-3071.

Verify this report by referencing Report No. 1310-3071 with PIN No. 814374 at

Gem Report

9.24ct pink sapphire unheated lotus cert

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