peranakan bracelet
peranakan bracelet
peranakan bracelet

Antique Peranakan Bracelet, Bird Intan Jewellery

True Peranakan jewelry is always delicately designed, however much the gold in a piece of jewelry. This bracelet has its ‘intan’ diamonds positioned subtly, almost masking its central bird motif, but for its little feet! Compared to the first and second bracelets we offered, this piece should date somewhere in between to the ’50s latest, about 70 years old. Earlier Art Nouveau curlicues and filigree prevail but not overly busy – this piece is actually pretty ‘minimal’ in Peranakan jewelry art.

What is consistent in old Peranakan bracelets is the articulating three-part of the frontal piece. This means even if the bracelet is too small or too big, it will however wrap nicely to every wrist. Early craftsmen must have weighed the importance of passing on family heirlooms. This conscientiousness in design (hence ease of passing on and reliving it) is actually the part we love most, somewhat a softening of Peranakan jewelry’s very ornate, very gold personality.

This 20-22k bracelet is delicate, with comparatively thicker ‘intan’ diamonds for its modest frame. The widest point is at 1.5cm tall and from there it gradually thins until links that come to only 3mm.

The mood is youthful and carefree, though minimal in view of its low-key centerpiece. Hand fabricated throughout, with its original safety chain.

(Antique Peranakan Bracelet, Bird Intan Jewellery)

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