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Jumbo 70.4ct natural cat's eye chrysoberyl from Sri Lanka.

This big chrysoberyl is lovelier than the eye can first see. It feels very much like an actual cat's eye.

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SIJS Solid gold contoured ring set in 22k yellow gold or gray gold.

Each ring will bear contours inside and out.

22k gold ring set with a 13.54ct unheated Ceylon blue sapphire flanked by two moonstones.

This clean, translucent sapphire cabochon feels as mysterious as it is oceanic.

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22k gold ring set with a fine aquamarine in ancient style.

Continuing our journey in making the old out of the new, this ring is made around the shape and cut of its stone.

22k talisman necklace set with a natural alexandrite cat's eye chrysoberyl in a rare 6.1ct.

The rare size 6.1ct alexandrite cat's eye is designed as an amulet 'charm' pendant, as cat's eye stones have traditionally been harnessed in jewellery, hanging off its own decorative 'seer' chain.

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Jumbo unheated yellow sapphire weighing 42.76ct.

This Sri Lankan sapphire is a saturated lemon yellow, with relatively clean inclusions that do not pose jewellery setting problems.

21.79ct Colombian emeralds in a 10-piece lot.

These emeralds have minor or moderate oiling, with good color and lustre, and hence excellent fire.

The lot is considered clean for emeralds.

27.21ct lot of unheated rubies from Africa.

There are 23 pieces in this mixed cut lot, with mostly oval and cushion cuts.

These rubies are deep red with good fire, not pink, and very vivid.

50 pieces natural tsavorite green garnet weighing 50.85ctw.

These green garnets are that specific garnet known as tsavorites, a green distinct from emeralds, dark enough to be vivid, and to some eyes, with a blueish-green tinge.

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